Write as a fraction 30 48 weegy questions

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Fraction Reducer Calculator to Simplify Proper and Improper Fractions

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Decimal to Fraction Calculator

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Taha attempted all 30 questions and his total score for the quiz was not more than 66 Find the maximum number of correct answers he obtained. Answer by ikleyn() (Show Source): You can put this solution on YOUR website! Dec 13,  · However, the fraction 3/5 needs to be rewritten because the denominator, 5, goes into the lowest common denominator, 10, 2 times.

So, the fraction 3/5 needs to be multiplied by 2/2 in order to have 10 in the denominator. therefore, 3/5 x 2/2 = 6/Views: K. PERCENT COMPETENCY PACKET Developed by: Nancy Tufo Revised Sharyn Sweeney To write a fraction as a percent, multiply by % Write 3 5 as a percent. 3 5 x % = 5 3 x 1 A student correctly answered 32 out of 40 questions on a test.

What percent of the. Jun 20,  · the rule is flip the second fraction and the multiply 5/1 divided by 2/3 = 5/1 x 3/2 = 15/2 if it is possible to cancel down the fractions then do so for the last 3 questions, where the fractions are mixed, turn them into imperfect fractions and then just do the same!

now do the rest yourself!Status: Resolved. Write a question at the end to the word problem. An example of end questions is the question, "What is the total number of balloons?" Use math vocabulary that is age-appropriate for the students.

Fraction and Decimal Word Problems No Problem! Geometry Word Problems No Problem! question? 3. Name at least three plans you can use to solve math problems. 4. What should you do if your plan for solving a problem (Hint: Write the mixed fractions as improper fractions first.).

Write as a fraction 30 48 weegy questions
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Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers