Report of perodua

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Perodua D38L SUV set to debut this year – report

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Report of Perodua

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Perodua compact SUV (Perodua D38L) to launch in 2019 - Report

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Rumours of a new Perodua SUV have been around for some time now, and a report by Kenanga Research may have confirmed that such a model exists. The. As indicated in the previous year's report. In line with PERODUA 's year roadmap. particularly in ASEAN. to prosper and thrive.

there is a need to explore new emerging markets to tap into. Already. the Group is committed towards expanding its regional presence in terms of sales and distribution.3/5(2).

Pre-Owned Vehicles. Corporate Sales. Service Maintenance. A research report predicts Proton sales to grow 21% and Perodua sales to jump 6% this year, driving national car market share to 51%, from 47% last year.

Will be Perodua's sole SUV offering. Perodua is developing a new compact SUV (codenamed Perodua D38L), which is reported to launch in Malaysia in The last two SUVs, the Perodua Nautica. Nov 26,  · Perodua melancarkan sebuah Crossover concept yang dihasilkan oleh anak-anak tempatan kita sendiri.

Apakah pendapat anda pada kereta ini?.

Report of perodua
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