Internship report on icb islamic bank

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Internship Report BBA

This study aims to describe the status of disclosure practices of corporate sustainability in the annual reports and corporate websites of the banking industry in Bangladesh. Investment Products: The special feature of the Investment Policy of the Bank is to invest on the basis of profit-loss sharing system Lease Finance.

IFIC Bank is one of the leading banks in Bangladesh offering private, retail and corporate banking. Visit our website for more information.

Home. IFIC Bank is one of the leading banks in Bangladesh offering private, retail and corporate banking. Visit our website for more information.

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Shimrail Branch: Address: Hazi A Rahman Super Market & Shopping Tower (1st Floor), Holding # 96, Shimrail Morr, Chittagong Road Chowrastha, Shanarpar, Siddirgonj.

SJIBL Internship Report

The program covers a period of 12 weeks of organizational attachment and report finalization work. I was doing my intern at ICB Islamic Bank Ltd, Head office to take the real life exposure of the activities of banking from December 24, to March 24,

Internship report on icb islamic bank
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Foreign Exchange Practice of ICB Islamic Bank Ltd - Assignment Point